USA Should Capitalise on Trade Post-Brexit

US Flag next to UK Flag

This is the time to do it!

Now that Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty has been officially triggered, the United States of America under President Trump’s administration now has the opportunity to prepare for a mutually beneficial trade agreement with Great Britain and Northern Ireland post-2019.

Having a strong bond with the United Kingdom opens up endless opportunities for everyday Americans. Tourism, trade, and travel. Three quintessential areas that both the USA and the UK can capitalise on positively as a result of Brexit.

The rusty shackles of the European Union have been lifted, their arrogance, taunts, and jeers of recent times have not gone unnoticed by the British or the rest of the world for that matter. Brexit has highlighted the truly venomous underbelly of the European bureaucrats.

The United Kingdom is, post 2019, willing, able and ready to officially open up to our closest ally across the Atlantic. I believe both the Trump administration and Prime Minister May’s cabinet know that a strong trade agreement between their two countries will not only boost their respective economies, but also set an example to the waning European Project as well as the rest of the world.

An efficient trade agreement post-2019 between the USA and the UK would cement in place our historic partnership. It would vastly increase employment opportunities for Americans and British citizens. Already, there are many large, American technology companies setting up their base in Northern Ireland, a strong part of the United Kingdom. The local job creation benefits both the USA and the UK. These are only the first steps in my view. Once the UK formally withdraws from the European Union, we all have the chance to maximise our trade potential with each other.

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