Charlie Gard and Why the U.S. Should Help

Baby named Charlie Gard in a hospital bed
Charlie Gard in a hospital bed || Image from The Sun

The United States has a history of granting citizenship to people who need medical attention only available in the United States. The time has come again when a human, with a terminal disease, needs help getting in the States for the procedure. This baby named Charlie Gard is gaining attention from many world leaders, most famously President Trump and Pope Francis, and support from millions of people worldwide.

Charlie is an 11-month-old baby who suffers from an extremely rare genetic disorder called infantile onset encephalomyopathy mitochondrial DNA depletion syndrome (MDDS). The condition causes progressive muscle weakness and brain damage. In October, he became lethargic and his breathing shallow, his condition has only worsened since then. The family has already raised $2,000,000 to pay for the expenses to travel to New York for the surgery.

The worst part of this is that England won’t let him travel to the U.S. to have experimental treatment. The U.S. has recently initiated a bill in Congress to grant the baby citizenship so the parents could come to the U.S. without the permission of the British.

England’s high court ruled that “the doctors can make the decision to end the baby’s life against the wishes of the parents.” That violates so many fundamental human rights. Why do they not want to send this child to another country, with a great medical program? This would be of no cost to the country

If you feel that it is important for Charlie Gard and his family to be granted citizenship, then please call your senator at (202) – 224 – 3121. Tell them that they need to do what they can to help save this baby’s life.

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