The United States Needs Tax Reform

Internal Revenue Service building
Internal Revenue Service building

I would like to preface this article by saying this has been in the works for months and that it is still advocating for tax reform even though it has already been signed by President Trump:

Like many other Conservatives, I am a firm believer in cutting taxes. Now, I am not going to make my argument by crying “Taxation is Theft” like many other Conservatives and Libertarians would. I am not saying I disagree with that statement, but it is not the best way to argue in favor of tax reform.

I decided to write this article when talks of tax reform began; however, I finally decided to write it as the House of Representatives voted on the conference report in regards to H.R. 1. Now, the bill passed both the House and the Senate and has been signed by President Trump.

I have been in the process of gathering information and quotes from politicians in regards to tax reform in general. I reached out to Congressman Tom Reed, my representative in the House, and Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX). The reasons I chose these two politicians as the two I would like to gather more information from is because they both work hard to lower taxes.

Ted Cruz has openly stated that we need to change our tax system. He has debated fellow Senator Bernie Sanders on CNN multiple times addressing tax reform. His office sent me a letter that discussed why tax reform is a necessity in order to make America great again. One of the biggest parts of the bill that Senator Cruz highlighted was that the individual mandate from the ACA was repealed. Senator Cruz had this to say,

“[Congress] finally repealed Obamacare’s unconstitutional individual mandate to purchase health insurance. Repealing this mandate provides 6.5 million Americans who have been unfairly fined by the IRS immediate relief, and provides $318 billion in individual tax relief over the next ten years. ”

Ted Cruz (R-TX)

Almost all of the Republicans in Congress have been in support of tax reform; however, Congressman Tom Reed (NY-23) was one of the biggest advocates for Tax Reform.

Congressman Tom Reed has been a staunch supporter of lowering taxes for his constituents in Western New York. When I contacted his office to gather more information from Congress itself, he provided me with the following statement.

“This is a once in a generation opportunity to ensure families in our region will be able to keep more of their hard earned dollars. This money means real things for real people. For far too long, New Yorkers have been saddled with one of the highest tax burdens in the country. This bill will also jumpstart job creation and spark economic growth. Creating good paying, high-quality jobs is a great thing for our communities and gives hope to hardworking folks for years to come.”

Tom Reed (NY-23)

The last time our tax code was reformed was in 1986. That was 31 years ago. America has changed a lot in those 30 years. We have faced many economic bubbles, a great recession and many staggering moments. However, America is booming economically now under the Trump administration.

Now that tax reform has passed, we will continue to see economic growth and prosperity. For example, many companies are giving their employees raises, bonuses or are planning on expanding in the United States.


  1. Quick question. Where exactly do you live? I live in western New York too and my Congressman is Tom Reed. Just of curiosity. Thanks!

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