The Politicization of Tragedy

Map of mass shootings in the United States on 11/6
Map of mass shootings in the United States in 2017 (Gun Violence Archive)

Mass shootings have become painfully interwoven into the American psyche. Growing up in an age where society rationally absorbs horror has schooled me on the politics of the aftermath. As the nation wakes up to the reality of Las Vegas, South Sunderland, Aurora, Sandy Hook, San Bernardino etc., we deal with a continual cycle of Liberal calls for knee-jerk legislation, met with Conservatives chidingly preaching for respect of the victims. When do calls for action become permissible to those on the Right?

I have come to the conclusion that when addressing America’s gun violence epidemic, there is no proper grace period. If we follow the rules set by Republicans, no solution will ever arise.

There have been 307 separate mass shootings in the United States in 2017. That’s 307 mass shootings in 308 days. With more shootings than days, waiting for time to pass only allows more to die in the name of political stagnancy.

As Twitter reignites under the flame of each massacre, Fox News asks us to offer “thoughts and prayers,” while comprehensive gun control waits silently in the wings of Congress. If you are more disgusted with progressives asking for the closing of loopholes than the senseless deaths of innocents, how can you sincerely consider yourself the party that prospers under political incorrectness?

I am tired of using tragedy as an excuse for paralyzation. As each day passes without serious debate, our people die preventable deaths. We did not wait for the pain to fade away when Muslims terrorists attacked New York in 2001. Why do we wait today?

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