The Next Generation of Conservatives Wants to See Trump Challenged

Next generation of conservatives. Thousands of protesters came to Ocean Beach in San Francisco Saturday Feb. 11, 2017 to send an anti-Trump message: “Resist!!”
Thousands of protesters came to Ocean Beach in San Francisco Saturday Feb. 11, 2017 to send an anti-Trump message: “Resist!!” PHOTO: Tim Gouw/Unsplash

I have increasingly been hearing via friends and news media that the majority of the next generation of conservatives want to see someone run against Trump in the 2020 GOP primary. This intrigued me, so I decided to do some research for myself and find out the general feelings of the next conservative generation.

One thing that quickly became apparent was the fact that the next conservative generation specifically, but Gen Z overall, was much more libertarian in their political views than the current generation. However, many young conservatives still consider themselves conservatives despite this fact. Let me expand on this: Many young conservatives are in support of Free Markets and against tariffs and other protectionist policies. Many are neutral on LGBT rights, if not for them. Even if they do not personally support LGBTs, they support their right to do what they want, the same as any other citizen. Many resent the current hypocrisy, corruption, and lack of change found in both major parties; and specifically the GOP for being the new centrist party. Not to mention that many young conservatives think “The Wall” is a waste of taxpayer money.

As a result of these views, many young conservatives say they would support a Republican challenger to President Trump in the 2020 GOP Primary. According to a survey by National Review, a conservative-libertarian magazine: “A staggering 82 percent of Republican and Republican-leaning 18- to 24-year-olds want Trump to be challenged for the nomination in 2020.” According to Ben Shapiro, Editor-in-chief of The Daily Wire and podcast host, he conducted his own survey and found that these numbers from National Review stem from the majority of young conservatives in actuality being libertarian, or at least more liberal than the preceding generation.

Due to the increasing extremism by the Democratic leadership and the GOP’s stagnation and lack of liberalism, the Libertarian Party will likely pick up a lot of new members, young conservatives unhappy with the direction of the GOP and young liberals that want to be liberal and not socialist. They may also get a boost from many on both sides that are looking for bipartisanship, another great policy the Libertarian Party champions. This may see the Libertarian party actually gaining national attention longer than their past sad attempts at presidential campaigns.

In the end, it looks like Trump may very well be challenged in the 2020 GOP primary, and that we may be entering a new era of bipartisanship and libertarian ideals.


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