The Importance of the Second Amendment

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In the past few months, we have seen a rapid change in opinion among liberals with regards to their views on guns and the Second Amendment. During his 2008 presidential campaign, Barack Obama had promised us that Democrats weren’t going to ban firearms, but a decade later, the tide is most certainly turning the opposite direction. A poll conducted after the Stoneman shooting found that 39% of registered Democrats support completely repealing the 2nd Amendment. The Twitter hashtag #RepealTheSecondAmendment was trending in the weeks following the Parkland shooting. We are coming to a day and age where repealing the 2nd Amendment may very well be a reality.

I personally have warned people that any restrictions on any rights to property will inevitably lead to completely abolishing those rights. History has proven time and time again that if you give the government an inch, they will eventually take it a marathon. Even with hindsight, the mistake of allowing government to intervene with peaceful activities continues throughout the world.

I find one of the biggest reasons for this is, quite frankly, conservatives and libertarians present mediocre arguments as to why government should not regulate or ban any of our possessions. Too many times I see responses from conservatives and libertarians along the lines of, “I have a right to a gun! It’s guaranteed in the Constitution!” These arguments aren’t convincing to anyone who finds the Constitution largely outdated. The proper response is not pointing to a sheet of paper written nearly 250 years ago, but rather asking people an easy, abstract question:

Why is my property any of your business?

To turn the question around to liberals themselves, a similar and more effective question is, “Should I be allowed to seize something you own?” This is the question liberals and Democrats need to answer. Unless they can give a very thorough and sufficient answer, there is no good reason for any of us to give up anything we own, let alone have them forcibly seized by law enforcement.

Let’s forget about the gun itself and focus on the broad principle regarding repealing the 2nd Amendment. Why are my possessions any of your business? People across the political spectrum are losing grasp of the concept of human rights. Just because you don’t agree with someone’s opinions or their lifestyle choices doesn’t mean it should be banned or regulated. Someone will inevitably find some hobby you have or your political views as offensive, but that’s nothing more than a fact of life.

I will inevitably disagree with something you say, but I can assure you I will defend your right to say it. If you’re religious, you may find some of my lifestyle choices as sinful, but as long as I’m not harming anyone or forcing anyone against their will, there’s no good reason for you to ban my lifestyle choices. These principles of freedom are what the United States was founded on and what has made it such a favorable country among foreigners across the world. Anyone attempting to seize property from harmless, law-abiding citizens is nothing more than using despotism to force us to conform to a specific worldview which caters only to them.

Not only are some people increasingly becoming more tyrannical, but they are becoming more hypocritical and less self-aware in the process. The most common form of hypocrisy I see comes from the adoration of the 4th Amendment while attempting to repeal the 2nd Amendment. This comes in the form of Stoneman students disliking a new school policy where backpacks must be clear so all items inside are visible. Many students complained this was a violation of privacy.


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Stoneman Tweet

So a violation of your 4th Amendment is unacceptable, but a violation of other people’s 2nd Amendment is completely acceptable? Simple tweets like these display just how authoritarian some people can be: most of the kids in the March for our Lives rally did not march in order to give up their personal freedom in exchange for security. They marched because they want everyone else to give up their freedom so they personally feel more secure.

Don’t think they will stop at guns either: the UK heavily disarmed their populace and now the British police are arresting people for having a concealed knife in public. It’s ridiculous to me that the simple possession of a knife, even a concealed knife, has the potential to bring about criminal convictions to British citizens. Whatever happened to the concept of “no victim, no crime?”

Anyone who advocates repealing the Second Amendment supports a notion that goes beyond one’s right to own a firearm. It implies that they do not care about property rights. It implies that they do not care about due process. It implies they are not afraid to put harmless people behind bars. No one, be they liberal, conservative, or libertarian, who is skeptical of concentrated power should ever endorse the elimination of the 2nd Amendment.

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