Teens are Seriously Being Charged for a Business License to Mow Grass

lawnmower in the grass

For many teenagers in high school, mowing lawns in the summer is their first paid work experience. A small town in Alabama called Gardendale has enacted an ordinance that requires teens to pay $110 for a business license to cut their neighbor’s grass in the summer, according to a local ABC news affiliate.

The City of Gardendale may only have a population of 13,729 people, but this event still annoys me greatly. If you aren’t older than 18, you shouldn’t have to worry about the government interfering with you cutting grass in your neighborhood. At least this isn’t as bad as local governments shutting down little girl’s lemonade stands.

Regardless, the whole situation is just unnecessary. These teenagers were legitimately being threatened by government officials and even other lawn care services to show their business licenses. One landscaper told a family that “that if he saw [their daughter] cutting grass again that he was going to call Gardendale because she didn’t have a business license.”

It’s not like these teenagers are going to be mowing grass in the school years anyways, so why do they have to pay $110 for a license that’s only useful for 3 months of the year? And why are lawn care services so worried? It’s unlikely that they will actually lose a lot of customers. Most teens aren’t even able to offer the more expensive services that landscaping companies do such as trimming and edging. 

Furthermore, having a job at a young age teaches kids about work ethic before going into real employment, which this ordinance is preventing. Just let the kids make some money, benefit the economy, and mow the grass in peace.

The government should really just quit overreaching. One of the main problems is that useless regulations (somehow) make people actually feel safer. Is it really going to make a difference if the fourteen-year-old cutting your grass does or doesn’t have a business license?

The answer is most likely no.

Unless you’re a liberal, you probably already understand that regulations are bad for the economy. Hopefully, this event in Gardendale won’t open the door to more unnecessary overreach from the government.

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