Tariq Nasheed Uses His Social Media Influence to Bully People He Disagrees With

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Ronald Reagan wisely said, “Freedom is never more than one generation from extinction.” The same goes for our freedom of speech and popular YouTuber Bunty King is currently fighting against Tariq Nasheed to keep our free speech preserved on the internet. Tariq is a social media personality who has been accused of being a black-supremacist.

Tariq issued six illegal DMCA takedowns (which is when the owner of the copyright of content requests that said content be removed from another website) on videos on King’s YouTube channel that were critical of him.

“Five of the videos he’s claimed have none of his content,” said King in an update video he posted on Twitter, “one of the videos, the first video that I got tipped off to, does have some of his content but I believe that it falls well under fair use.”

King’s YouTube channel hosts his point of view on popular stories within the media, such as the Delta passenger controversy. He even produces a bit of gaming content.

So for someone like Tariq, a man who has over 270,000 followers on both Twitter and YouTube, to punch down at someone like Bunty King, who has 60,000 followers on the same platforms, is an abuse of his influence.

King continued, “Whatever Tariq has done to me is something I wouldn’t do to my worst enemy… he feels like the biggest bully I’ve ever had in my life.”

As for Tariq’s comments on King, they are as childish as you’d expect. Tariq referred to King as an “East-Indian Coon” and played off of his name calling him “C*nty Queen” in a now deleted live stream which Bunty was nice enough to archive and post on a google doc for anyone to see. He goes on to impersonate an Indian accent making fun of King, even though King is from Canada.

Tariq has been a nuisance on Twitter for a long time now. In fact, this incident is not the first time he and King have clashed. King, along with a collection of other political commentators on YouTube, started the hashtag #ShutUpTariq after his annoying antics.

It is important for major social media companies like YouTube to protect the right to freedom of speech for everyone. King speaks on this in his video:

“Now some of you have suggested going to his page and flagging his content for abuse and that’s something that I don’t do. That’s something that I’m fully against because I believe in freedom of speech. So no matter how hateful you are. No matter how much of a bigoted, piece-of-sh*t you are… you have the right to a platform and that platform is gonna be met with criticism and that’s what I’m doing.”

Tariq Nasheed’s YouTube channel has been terminated after his abuse of take-down privileges. In response to this, Tariq claimed in a Tweet, “Groups of white supremacists coordinated mass Community Strikes on my youtube videos and that’s how my entire channel was taken down.”

Here is the full Tweet:

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