Liberal “News” Outlet Proves Themselves to be Hypocrites Within 6 Minutes

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In today’s day and age, seeing the liberal media contradict themselves is not uncommon. But a large news outlet called Salon (which is more of a blog than news) did something very special: they showed the whole world they were hypocrites in six minutes.

On May 22, a bomb exploded at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, England. 22 people died and 59 were injured; almost all the victims were women and children.

Immediately following a terrorist attack or mass shooting, everybody rushes to push their agenda. Rather than reporting the facts of the Manchester attack for the public, Salon decided to publish an article complaining about how Alex Jones was politicizing it. Now, I really don’t have a problem with them calling out Alex Jones on that, as terror attacks should not be politicized so quickly.

salon headline: alex jones politicized manchester attack

I do agree to an extent that if tragedies aren’t politicized, problems might not actually be resolved. However, politicizing an attack so swiftly is almost always unacceptable. Salon did a good job calling out Alex Jones, but six minutes after publishing that first article, they published another one that politicized the attack.

headline: manchester was attack on girls

You can’t make this stuff up…

At 12:54 PM Salon said that Alex Jones and the right should not be using the Manchester attack to push their agenda, but at 1:00 PM they used the Manchester attack to push your own feminist agenda… So which one is it?

I am actually surprised to see this coming from feminists. I’d of thought they’d only be condeming Alex Jones for using an attack on women to promote his beliefs rather than using it to gain traction.

It’s probably true that the bomber was specifically targeting females, considering the majority of Ariana Grande’s fans are 10-year-old girls. Most of those young girls were more than likely accompanied by their mothers to the concert as well.

But to no surprise at all, the left decided to contradict everything they had previously claimed. Look at the time stamps on those photos. Seriously, how on Earth do you do that in six minutes? It’s honestly kind of impressive that they were able to show the whole world they were hypocrites so quickly. Luckily for the left, this didn’t get as much attention as it should have. For some reason, leftists love to break this one extrmeley important rule:


If they just followed that ONE rule, they would become such a dominant political force. It’s not just this one little stunt that has turned them into hypocrites, it’s everything they do.

While¬†Salon really got under my skin after doing this, I’m doubtful that anything the liberal media does will be nearly as hypocritcal as when Huffington Post complained about Donald Trump and his steak…

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