Partnerships – BiPolitics is always looking to form partnerships with other organizations. Though this is not a necessity, we are especially looking for organizations focused on youth advocacy or bipartisanship, and just other groups led by youth. We will be publishing a page with more information on partnerships in the near future but for now, please contact us if you are interested in partnerships.

Joining BiPolitics – We have various positions available for students interested in joining BiPolitics. There are various benefits to joining. Visit our application page to learn more about the requirements and expectations for members of BiPolitics.

Guest Writing – For students that would like to write for us but are not interested in the commitment of regular staff members, we have a guest writer program.

Voter Registration – In many states, you do not actually have to be 18 years old to register to vote. Often times you can register early as long as you will be 18 at the time of election day. BiPolitics plans to launch their own voter registration initiative in the future.

Press Inquiries – For any inquiries from the media, please email


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