Below is a list of positions and job descriptions at BiPolitics. If you are interested in any of them, fill out our application.

Director of Human Resources – Ensuring that incoming contributors and staff submit all necessary information before they can begin writing/working for us. Taking anonymous complaints and suggestions regarding working at BiPolitics from staff and translating those complaints to the appropriate person.

Director of Technology Operations – Managing/adding new features to our website and Slack communication server that require technological proficiency. We use WordPress to manage our articles, so experience with that is preferred. Knowledge of coding is preferred as well.

Outreach Coordinator – Reaching out to different organizations to potentially form partnerships with BiPolitics. Optimizing our strategy—both digital and ground—to recruit more staff to join our organization.

Marketing Strategist – Developing our strategy to gain more readers on our site and followers on our social media. Will take up the role of a salesman as well if BiPolitics ever introduces products to sell.

Student Ambassador – Recruiting contributors and partner organizations in your area.

Graphic Designer – Designing infographics for our social media pages. Creating digital artwork for use in various places on our site.