It’s Not About Confederate Statues, it’s About America

We are seeing, before our very eyes, the destruction of American history; a history that reveals grave faults followed by immaculate recovery. It is this very history of slavery followed by its abolishment that the left cannot accept and wishes to erase by destroying the statues that remind us of said history, as monuments are meant to do. However, this fixation on Confederate statues and monuments is solely a distraction: the bigger prize is America.

The far left liberals and leftists—not moderate Democrats and even closer-to-center liberals, mind you—hate America. They vehemently despise everything this country stands for, the country’s past, and the continued existence of this country. You must understand that fact, do not dilute yourself with the idea that they aren’t all bad, you would be wrong. I’d like to reiterate, I am speaking about the far left liberals and leftists; in other words, Antifa, Black Lives Matter, and those who subscribe to their tactics and acted message. These people have only one goal, and that goal is to bring down the greatest country in the world.

The Confederate statue issue is simply a distraction, a means to an end. They will never stop finding reasons to hate America until there is nothing left, and you cannot rationally debate with them because any slight disagreement is seen as an affront to their ideology and an attack on their person, and they truly believe they are fighting evil; everything that opposes them is branded as evil, which is why they have no issue carrying weapons with them in an attempt to intimidate and inevitably use violence. The identity politics we see so often used by the left have led to this mentality. We have seen their violent tactics over and over again: stabbing police horses, throwing urine-filled bottles at peaceful protestors and police, destroying property as evidenced at California-Berkeley, calling for the killing of police officers, actually killing police officers, the list goes on. They will not stop until everyone thinks the same as them, and they will use any method they deem necessary as we have seen. Not only do they feel justified due to their own warped view of reality, but with Democratic congressmen and women lauding their “fight against oppressors” and their undying contempt for President Trump their behavior is only reinforced. Additionally, we are seeing some GOP congressmen defending them, as well, in light of the events in Charlottesville, VA. However, politicians are not the only ones fueling this group, the media are as well.

If you think the media are infatuated with the left and their politicians, you’d be wrong. The media are in bed with them. It doesn’t take the perceptive skills of a hawk to see how biased the news outlets are against President Trump, but that isn’t the point; the point is the media—CNN in particular—seemingly commends the efforts of Antifa, Black Lives Matter, and similar groups. Not only that, but they also give them the metaphorical tools to continue with their rampage across the country. Take the incident in Charlottesville for instance: had the media not covered the white supremacist march, no one would have known about it aside from those in Charlottesville. If no one would have known about it, Antifa would not have shown up, and no confrontation would have been had. I’m not saying that the violence is entirely Antifa’s fault, per se, but it takes two parties in order to fight. Contrast the Friday night citronella tiki-torch walk the neo-Nazis had with the following Saturday: no violence on Friday, yet people got injured and one died on Saturday. There weren’t very many counter-protestors on Friday because very few people knew about it. But I’m beginning to digress, I’ve already discussed these events previously. In essence, the media news outlets are powerful, and they have a responsibility to the people of this country to report the truth, not their feelings. Things will only get worse if they choose to ignore reality and continue to pander to their bedmates, the far left.

But what do we do with Antifa and similar radical groups? How do we combat this assault on our country and culture? I honestly believe it’s quite simple in theory: we must denounce them for what they are: domestic terrorists. However, the difficult part is that both sides of the political aisle must come together on this: if the Democrats continue to defend these people, they will only become more and more emboldened. The entire right has already denounced the alt-right with a fury, yet the left still refuses to denounce the “alt-left” as they are being called now. They will not stop until they’ve been abandoned by everyone they look to for reinforcement.

This fight is not about Confederate Statues, it is about America.

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