Moving Past Kavanaugh and Political Nihilism

Brett Kavanuagh
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Pre-September 27th, 2018, finding citizens, especially young, who were ‘hopeful’ about the future of American Politics would be no small task. The political landscape is and has been grim for a long time. A general sense of agnosticism seems abundant to say the least. Following the appointment and subsequent hearings surrounding now Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, that is unlikely to change.

Beyond Good and Evil(s)

Political affiliation often determines for viewers what narrative they will receive. Those on the right will see the side promulgated by Fox and Friends, claiming that Kavanaugh is merely a humble man, weaponized by the left, only aiming to serve this great nation. An American hero. One who must persevere in the face of growing leftist culture in which the simplest of allegations can be enough to ruin the life of anyone in power.

Meanwhile, the viewers of CNN may see something completely opposite and yet just as eerie. Being fed the narrative that Kavanaugh is a drunken, misogynist pig, only looking to strip the rights of women and create civil disobedience. A man with a history of abuse, of both alcohol and women. A man who will effectively destroy American democracy.

Worse, however, is the imminent reality that regardless of party, one of these narratives is undoubtedly the truth. Either the Republican Party has just finished fighting to the death to defend a man with a past of sexual assault and an abrasive demeanor. Such that he may represent the American people on their highest court. Or, the Democratic Party has just narrowly failed in executing an absolute ‘hack job.’ Attempting to destroy the reputation and life of a man poised to serve and protect the Constitution merely out of their disdain for conservative ideals. The magnitude of both of these possibilities must be considered. Undoubtedly, we are living in one of them, and the idea of this embodies political nihilism in and of itself.

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  1. I’m inclined, as an independent with a strong bent toward the notion of the rule of law, to feel very saddened over the horrible process we’ve just gone through as a nation with this appointment. While I struggle to unequivocally believe all the accusations against Kavanaugh, I do find Dr. Ford’s to be most compelling. Additionally I have an ambivalence from the get go with Justice Kavanugh’s track record of partisan judicial activism with Whitewater and The Starr Probe.

    Regardless, I hope we have room to recover from this.

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