A Millenial’s Reaction to the James Comey Testimony

James Comey taking oath at senate hearing

Well, Thursday was the big debut for James Comey, and boy was it unlike what anyone expected. Liberals expected enough evidence to impeach and convict President Trump, and conservatives were expecting a flop (as per usual for all things liberals hype up). Ultimately, it is the conservatives who have the last laugh with this testimony, and the liberals who are seeing their narrative crumble before their eyes—unless you listen to those who think “feelings” and “interpretations” are evidence. In this reaction to the testimony, I will first outline my most important takeaways, and then go into a few other details worth noting.

My Takeaways

  1. Perhaps the most anticipated revelation both conservatives and liberals were waiting to hear was, “Is Trump under investigation?” If you read any liberal news outlet, you’d think—or perhaps even “know”—that he was. Well, one of the first things confirmed in this testimony was that President Trump is not under investigation. No matter what the liberals want you to believe, no matter how they try to spin the words that came directly from James Comey’s mouth: the president is not being investigated.
  2. One of the generally unexpected findings was that Comey was indeed the one who leaked his memo. Comey, during his testimony, goes into detail about how, after being fired and hearing what Trump was saying and seeing what he was Tweeting, he decided to leak his memo to his friend—a professor at Columbia University—to leak to the press. He continues to say that this was in an effort to get a special counsel appointed to the Russia investigation. Comey was one of the leakers. This should be very disconcerting to everyone: what else has he leaked?
  3. Finally, the most unexpected revelation was Loretta Lynch’s role in the campaign. Comey revealed that Loretta Lynch approached him and told him to refer to the Clinton investigation as a “matter” rather than an “investigation”—even though it was a full-scale investigation—because that was what the Clinton campaign wanted; those where to words the Clinton campaign wanted to use in order to not lose voters.

Further Examination

While, other reviews of the testimony will list more takeaways, I truly only wanted to focus on those three as they were either important to the initial purpose of the testimony or will become of great importance to these election-based investigations.

Throughout the testimony, I noticed that Comey consistently refused to answer questions directly, refused to answer altogether, or preceded his answers with, “I could be wrong, but…” His testimony was nothing more than a political stunt in order to make Trump look bad in front of America and the world by eliciting and emotional response. He often said he wishes he were stronger when he was confronted by Trump and Lynch in their separate engagements.

When questioned about writing memos, Comey revealed that he only chose to write memos when dealing with Trump because he thought Trump would lie about what happened and wanted “evidence”. Well, let me tell you, writing something down on a piece of paper is no more “evidence” than an oral testimony. This memo writing was very important with the Flynn incident during which Trump said to Comey, “Flynn is a good guy. I hope you can let this go”. The liberals have been crying “obstruction of justice” since that memo first leaked. Well guess what. “Hoping” is not obstructing justice. Had Trump bribed Comey or threatened him, then yes, that would have been obstruction of justice. And interestingly enough, when questioned thoroughly about that incident, Comey made it clear that after that moment, no one—not Trump, not the DOJ, not anyone on Trump’s team, no one in the White House—brought up “hoping the Flynn investigation would go away” ever again. If that was an attempt at obstructing justice, it was a pretty weak attempt if you ask me. As the hearing kicked off, Comey even said that Trump never told him to stop any investigations, yet as the hearing went on, when Democratic senators questioned Comey about his feelings, he changed his mind and said that he took Trumps “hoping” as a direct order. Are we serious? This entire charade was a game to Comey. He took those memos not because he thought Trump would lie, but because he knew he could use them against the politically immature president: Trump doesn’t know the political game like Comey does and Comey used that to his advantage.

Comey was a political agent, he was a leaker, and he showed that to all of us during that testimony. Comey was appointed by Obama and was given a “10 year tenure” as stated by Comey, of course this tenure does really mean anything because the FBI Director serves at the pleasure of the president. But think about it: 10 years. A president’s tenure, at most, is 8 years. Comey was intended to serve into the next president’s term regardless of who that president was. This is obviously a political move in order to keep Obama’s people in as long as possible. Trump should have cleared everyone out the minute he took office: everyone that had anything to do with the Obama administration should have been cleared out; alas, that was not the case and this is what we are stuck with.

Another interesting side note from the testimony was James Comey’s adamant confirmation that Russia did interfere with our elections. He made it clear that no votes were altered in this election, so how did they interfere? Sending Hillary’s emails to WikiLeaks? Well, what about Seth Rich, the DNC staffer who allegedly had contact with WikiLeaks and who the Democrats refuse to talk about and want to end his investigation by covering it up? Comey made these claims, but offered no evidence—perhaps that evidence is classified—but I don’t remember him even confirming that they had evidence.

A final, and perhaps my favorite, moment of the hearing was when Senator Marco Rubio took the stand and questioned Comey. He questioned Comey about the leaks, noting that there have been a lot of them. Comey agreed. Sen. Rubio continues to say, “Don’t you find it odd that the only thing that’s never been leaked is the fact that the president has never been under investigation?” This notion combined with the fact that Comey leaked his own memo sheds light on just who Comey is. Innumerable liberal media outlets published articles claiming that Trump was being investigated personally and nothing was ever said to debunk these claims. All Comey had to do was make a public statement clearing the air, but he chose not to. He allowed the lies to spread and said nothing.

What else has James Comey leaked? Did Loretta Lynch and the rest of those in the Obama administration do anything else in an attempt to influence the election? What evidence is there that Russia hacked our election? These are just a few of the questions raised by this testimony. But if there is one thing this testimony made crystal clear: James Comey cares about James Comey.

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