A Jefferson State of Mind

State of Jefferson flag
State of Jefferson flag // Image courtesy of San Francisco Bee

Editor’s note: this article was written on September 18, 2017, but was not published by the editor due to the changes in features of our site that were occurring. 

A new separatist movement has been started in California, but this is no CalExit…..

Currently, in the State of California, each state senator represents one MILLION constituents, and each State Assemblyman represents 500,000. This is the worst representation ratio in the whole of
the United States. The reason? In the late 1800’s, the California legislature capped the number of state senators at 40 and assemblymen at 60, at a time when the population of CA was about 480,000. Since then, the population has increased dramatically, and as a result, many citizens (especially in the northern third of California) have a watered-down vote and little to no voice in their government.

The SOJ Movement
Because of the above and many other reasons which can be found here, the State of Jefferson
movement was started. They seek to create a new state (the State of Jefferson) out of the northern
third of California, as well as a bit of southern Oregon. They want to increase representation for those living in the area, as well as take a good chunk out of California’s notorious 55 electors in the electoral college.

Currently, the movement is experiencing a big success as they have just completed their first
hearing in a federal district court. However, they have a long, difficult journey ahead of them. The judge that is hearing their case has already restricted them to a small courtroom that doesn’t even have enough room for all of the plaintiffs. And the decision to allow them a three-judge panel was
rescinded the day before their first hearing. They still hope to take their case all the way to the
Supreme Court, and if they win we will have a 51st state in the union.

Backup Plan
Should they not succeed in creating a new state, the Citizens for Fair Representation (the group leading the effort) ensures that, at the minimum, they will make sure the cap on state senators and assemblymen is repealed, therefore adjusting the representation ratio.

I will be following the progress of this movement as they make their way through the court system. Their website can be found here.

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  1. Sounds good but under areas titled Background and Progress there’s one sentence each with only a word or two. Unless it’s just the way it appeared on my phone, you need to adjust the format.
    In my opinion, it would be simpler to repeal the cap on senators and assemblyman.

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