Protesters’ Regressive Transgressions at Evergreen College

Evergreen State College
Evergreen State College || Image from The Seattle Times

The progressive institution known as Evergreen State College was hit with a bombardment of insults and threats 6 weeks ago by protesters. The president of ESC, George Bridges, was held hostage in his own office and white professors were given an ultimatum to either leave their classes or get shut down.

It didn’t end there.

In one instance, professor Bret Weinstein was berated by SJW’s who kept yelling about “muh feelings” to the point where they demanded he resigns from his position.

“Debate means you are trying to win, dialectic means you are using disagreement to discover what is true. I am not interested in debate,Weinstein stated. “I am only interested in dialectic, which does mean I listen to you, and you listen to me.”

The students didn’t cooperate as they were calling the shots. They retracted, shutting down Mr. Weinstein’s “white privilege.”

Baffled by the hostile protesters, Weinstein felt this was something out of the ordinary and out of this country.

In an interview with Tucker Carlson, Weinstein said, “They imagined that I am a racist, that I am teaching racism inside the classroom. That has caused them to say that I have no right to speak.”

He faced criticism for speaking out against protesters who had ultimately turned the school into a prison.  These radical protesters took ‘A Day of Absence’ and turned it into a day without a brain.

They formed a mob inside President Bridges office with a list of demands. One demand was to suspend the code of conduct. Another was to relieve protesters of their homework.

Furthermore, President Bridges began to get claustrophobic, no one was letting him speak. Yet, once Bridges spoke a student yelled out, “No, f*** you George. We don’t want to hear a goddamn thing you have to say.”

The protest was supposed to be something peaceful—something meaningful. It instead turned into the last epic scene from Saving Private Ryan. Where the soldiers (in this case the professors) are across the bridge being shot at from all directions (by radical protesters) as reinforcements (for faculty and students) are taking too long to arrive, forced to hold their position.

However, the current hysteria is soon to change as a recent Board of Trustees meeting gave an opportunity for a couple of students and professor Weinstein to fully voice what really happened behind the scenes at Evergreen.

He asked various questions to the board. One question asked if they knew the school was under control by protesters for several days. The look on their faces was clueless.

Evergreen student McKenzie Kyger was shown support after her eye-opening 3-minute statement:

“This behavior has actually been encouraged and because of this, I feel like people are becoming more violent and the campus is becoming more of an unsafe place,” McKenzie Kyger said. “I have been to several meetings to speak. I’ve been told several times that I’m not allowed to speak because I’m white. This school seems to focus so much on race that it’s actually becoming more racist in a different sort of way.”

The board closed the meeting without a final statement, moved to another area, as an executive closed session immediately commenced.

Without a doubt, this won’t be the last time we’ll hear of ESC. This is most likely the beginning of the end for social justice protesters of Evergreen.

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