Donald Trump Isn’t That Different After All

Donald Trump speaking with supporters at a campaign rally at Veterans Memorial Coliseum at the Arizona State Fairgrounds in Phoenix, Arizona.
Donald Trump speaking with supporters at a campaign rally at Veterans Memorial Coliseum at the Arizona State Fairgrounds in Phoenix, Arizona. PHOTO: Gage Skidmore

Donald Trump: The Outsider President. The president who refuses to conform to our standards for presidents. He frequently insults women, minorities, and even his own allies. What president would ever be able to do that and survive? Only Donald Trump. It’s why his supporters love him, and his enemies hate him: he does whatever pleases him. He doesn’t have a filter or real thoughts – nothing. His supporters don’t love his ideas, but they love him. Like a cult! That, of course, is simply not what the presidency should be like. But, let’s all be honest, we all wish that our side has a Donald Trump.

Who wouldn’t want to have a Donald Trump? Maybe not Donald Trump, the bigot. Or Donald Trump, the blithering idiot. Or maybe not even Donald Trump, the failing, criminal businessman. But we’d all love to have a President Donald Trump. That’s cult leader Donald Trump. Imagine if your side had over 30% of the country to agree with you, no matter what you say or do. Imagine how much good you’d all be able to do! Your side isn’t as stupid, racist, or misogynistic as theirs, so you have what it takes to run this country! Of course, your side is also smart enough to know that simply having that power wouldn’t guarantee a leader’s success.

Your leader would be humble enough to surround themselves with smart, trustworthy people and wisely heed their advice. They’d be altruistic enough to always have the people in mind before deciding anything. They’d be open-minded enough to carefully weigh every option before making a decision. So, yes, obviously, they’d be a great leader. Their rule would be focused on the people, and only the people…at least for a bit.

But, if we’re being more honest, who can deny an opportunity to wield all that power? As President Donald Trump, a politician would be blessed with a position of almost infinite power. A base that refuses to believe that you can do any wrong. Opponents too incompetent and horrible to win anybody over. It’s what every politician wishes they could have. They don’t want to beat Donald Trump, they just want to take his place—a place where few like them, most can’t stand them, but nobody can say no to them.

Politicians may mostly be evil, greedy pigs, but let’s not forget who they answer to: you. In the end, you decide whether a politician succeeds or fails. Every politician that’s able to form a “cult” and abuse it is only able to because you let them do it. So, please tell me, why do you keep on allowing it? You know the result will be the same every time, don’t you? Is it because the politician is likable? Or that you think they’re on your side?

Or is it that you just don’t care? Because that, at least to me, seems to be the most likely answer. If a politician is likable enough, you’ll let them do anything. Because, in the end, who cares? Who knows anything about debt—it’s too high! Does anyone even know about our doomed climate? After all, it probably won’t impact you. Your children? Maybe. Your grandchildren? Almost definitely. But, like I said, who cares? Politics is nothing but an endless game, with no winner.

Is it possible for politics to change? For politicians to actually begin caring and helping people? For this torturous game to end? Well, that depends. Do you want it to change? If not, you know the answer. If you only want it a little bit, then you also know the answer. But if you truly care, if you truly want to help people, then you have a responsibility to try to end this horrible game. You may think you’re not doing anything. That you’re nothing but another voice in a dwindling chorus. But remember that every time that chorus loses a singer, every time our war loses a soldier, those at the top see it. And nothing could make them happier than you giving up.

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