DD Adams: A Beacon of Hope for Youth in North Carolina’s Fifth

DD Adams speaks at a press conference in Winston-Salem, NC after officially filing to run for Congress in North Carolina's 5th district.
DD Adams speaks at a press conference in Winston-Salem, NC after officially filing to run for Congress in North Carolina's 5th district. (Photo by DD Adams for Congress)

If you’ve ever met DD Adams, candidate for U.S. Congress in North Carolina’s 5th district, you have probably heard her say something along the lines of, “Young people keep me young.” Youth are extremely important to her, which is evident if you examine her campaign platform. Unlike many other people out there in the world, she takes them seriously, which is clear just from the fact that she took the time to give BiPolitics—an entirely student-led bipartisan political publication—a two-hour one-on-one interview.

Democrats are expecting a blue wave in 2018’s congressional elections, hoping to take back the House and win some Republican-held governorships and Senate seats. North Carolina’s 5th district, in particular, has been a Republican stronghold since 1995 when current U.S. Senator, Richard Burr, was elected. While this district has historically been an obstacle for Democrats to win, they are confident they can flip it after 23 years of Republican control.

Denise D. Adams, more commonly known as DD, is a native of Winston-Salem, North Carolina. After having served on the Winston-Salem’s city council for nine years, she decided to throw her hat in the ring and run for Congress to represent North Carolina’s 5th congressional district. But prior to that, she was a blue-collar worker for 43 years. She grew up on a farm and eventually moved into manufacturing, eventually working her way up to management.

Growing up with six siblings and parents who never received a secondary education, DD was the only person in her family to attend college. She is a graduate of Morgan State University, a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. and labels education as one of her top 3 priorities. Feeling that government has put education towards the end of their list of priorities, DD believes that every person deserves the opportunity to receive a quality education, which is a major motivator in her campaign for Congress. Since the majority of human development occurs during childhood, she believes it is critical that improvements are made to public schools, particularly grades K-12. Confident in her abilities to improve the public education system from within, DD will continue to help lead the discussion on access and equal opportunity to for students of all backgrounds if elected in November.

“Education is an opportunity that everyone should be given and we shouldn’t put a price tag on it.”    -DD Adams

Adams has always taken interest in public service, but winning the election for class treasurer during her freshman year of high school was when she first began getting involved. Ever since then, she has not only kept engaged, but has been encouraging other youth to participate in the political process as well. “If we don’t keep you engaged, and help you to understand your relevance to the moment, there will be such a significant loss to mankind,” she told BiPolitics.

DD Adams meets with Appalachian State University students after early voting begins.
DD Adams meets with Appalachian State University students after early voting begins. (Photo by DD Adams for Congress)

Her campaign consists of many high school and college students residing in the 5th district. When asked about why she believes it is important for youth to get involved in politics, she said: “Young people can give you that perspective that you lose as you age.”

You can really see the value she places on the opinion of youth just by taking a glance at her campaign and its staff. Utilizing young people to help with outreach strategy, she hopes to effectively reach the most voters possible and show that she truly is a youth-friendly candidate.

Recently, she received an endorsement from Youth In Action, a progressive group led by youth dedicated to advocating and encouraging youth-involvement in politics. Currently, the DD Adams campaign is working with the group to improve the campaign’s youth-outreach. This is yet another prime example of how DD Adams really does take young people seriously.

DD is committed to hearing young people’s opinions and has vowed to continue doing so if elected to Congress. This election is already an interesting one to follow, and will only become more so as we approach the midterms in November.

DD: Thank you for taking the time to do an interview with us.

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