Conservatives Are Feminists, They Just Don’t Know It

Young Women's Leadership Summit for conservative feminists

Last weekend, I had the pleasure of attending the Young Women’s Leadership Summit (YWLS) in Dallas, Texas, hosted by Turning Point U.S.A. Over a thousand young women from 15-25 traveled across the country to meet others like them, and see speakers such as Dana Loesch, Ben Shapiro, Judge Jeanine Pirro, Tomi Lahren, and many more. After hearing so many incredible people, and networking with other young conservatives, I can confidently say that conservatives are the best type of feminists.

First things first, women have blatantly succeeded under the Trump Administration. According to YWLS and other sources, we currently have the lowest female unemployment rate in 70 years, the most women running for office in history, the most women appointed to cabinet-level positions in any GOP administration, higher wages, and the first mother as White House Press Secretary, Sarah Sanders. Mainstream media can call President Trump all the terrible names they want, but the facts are there. President Trump is a huge advocate for empowered women.

Dana Loesch, a spokesperson for the National Rifle Association, pointed out that many feminists on the left will only stand up for women’s rights if you agree with them within their political sphere. Pro-life women are excluded from the feminist movement and oftentimes stay at home mothers are as well. Modern feminists commonly hold the principle that if a woman is not employed, or is not pro-choice, then she is a victim to men. However, women’s rights means that women have the choice to do or think whatever they want.

Judge Jeanine Pirro, host of Justice with Judge Jeanine on Fox News, embodies what it means to be a determined, empowered woman. She was one of the first lawyers who strongly advocated for women’s rights in domestic abuse as well as child abuse. She highlighted that although many women don’t agree on everything, it’s important we stick together and help one another. Judge Jeanine pointed out that before Donald Trump became President, his daughter Ivanka was highly regarded for her efforts with Women Who Work within the feminist community. But as soon as she came out as Republican, many women who once supported her began attacking her, even though her ideologies did not change, and she continues to empower women. It goes to show that the left does not actually care about women’s empowerment if those women are conservative. It’s hypocritical, and detrimental to their feminist mission.

Speaker Kimberly Corban, a former victim of sexual assault and an advocate for women who have been assaulted, made an argument in defense of the second amendment. Along with Antonia Okafor, Kendall Jones, and Katie Pavlich, the panel noted that a firearm is the greatest equalizer between men and women. Biologically speaking, women are generally smaller and physically not as strong as men. But give her the choice of carrying a firearm, and a woman’s disadvantage is instantly minimized. In major cities, the average response time to a sexual assault is one hour. Not only that, but according to Warren v. District of Columbia, the police are not required to protect anyone. The Second Amendment is one of the most powerful in regards to women’s rights because it gives women the ability to protect themselves.

All in all, I am not advocating that conservatives adopt the term “feminist.” Fourth wave feminism is quite frankly a waste of time and does more to strip men of their masculinity than it does to actually empower women. Dana Loesch emphasized that being an empowered woman does not mean stripping men of their masculinity, but simply knowing you can do anything you set your mind to. Additionally, women should lift each other up, and show grace and love regardless of political ideologies. All I am trying to say, and what I heard from the summit, is that women are absolutely capable of accomplishing anything they set their minds to. The patriarchy is not vigorously trying to inhibit the success of women. Women are no longer victims of the system who must be catered to. In 2018, all a woman needs is determination and work ethic. Marissa Streit said it best at the Young Women’s Leadership Summit. “The fact that I’m a female is irrelevant to the work that I do.”


  1. I wonder why there are so many women running for public office during the Trump administration. I have to say it’s hard for me to believe it is because they are inspired by the actions and statements by Trump. It’s actually laughable. Perhaps it is because we have a sexist bigot as our president! Maybe it’s because the only woman Donald “respects” is his daughter, Ivanka, and even that relationship is questionable because he has publicly admitted to lusting after her. Additionally, I think it’s funny that conservative women commentators are concerned with men’s masculinity and the damage done to it with feminism. Are men simply too fragile to live in a world where they receive the same pay as their female equals? Do we really need to be concerned with this when women all around the world are still subjugated and discriminated against at the hands of men? I think the toxic masculine culture in America needs to be knocked down especially now in the age of the #MeToo movement. The rape culture in America further exposed by the #MeToo movement only enforces the need for feminism. I do not promote a kind of feminism that supports inequality but EQUALITY. I don’t know what is so hard to grasp about this concept. Women in office on either side of the aisle is important. Feminist women AND men in office is important. I like that you seem to be politically involved and I respect all views, but for the future I would warn you against using conservative pundits and Fox News anchors for your “facts.” They aren’t so fond of them.

  2. This article should have focused on feminism in the Conservative party only, not bashing feminism in the Democratic Party. The generalization of liberals in this article further proves the polarization of our country. Feminists are feminists, they are not characterized by liberals. If you wanted to further explain how conservatives and the trump administration empower women and help the movement, I would love to hear an argument with actual facts. However, when you claim that conservatives are BETTER feminists, it’s unproductive. I am interested in this claim considering that currently the Trump administration is working to defund Planned Parenthood and other organizations that support women’s health. Also, I’m not convinced by your article when the only facts are quotes coming from other very right winged speakers.

  3. In this article you say “Modern feminists commonly hold the principle that if a woman is not employed, or is not pro-choice, then she is a victim to men. However, women’s rights means that women have the choice to do or think whatever they want.” If part of women’s rights is that women have the choice to do what they want, then yes pro-lifers are going against that because they are trying to take that choice away from other women. I have also never heard of unemployed women being excluded from the feminist movement. I don’t think you’re quite grasping many of the ideas you are trying to explain.

  4. Great article! The Streit quote is really good. Not sure about including Warren v. DC though. The case basically decided that victims of crime cannot sue cops for failing to protect them. Other than that, very informative and a good read.

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