[VIDEO]: Did Bill Maher Use the N-word to make Joke About Slavery?

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On one of HBO’s talk shows, Real Time, Bill Maher used the n-word in front of Republican Senator Ben Sasse. Most people are only concerned with the use of the n-word, and not many people have actually paid attention to the context of it. If you listen to the whole clip, it appears that Maher may have used the racial slur in reference to slavery.

Sasse said to Maher, “We’d love to have you work in the fields with us”

And Maher responds, “Work in the fields? Senator, I’m a house n—–.”

It’s possible that this is just a stretch, but seems like Maher was referencing slavery considering the majority of slaves in the 1800s worked in the fields. I’ll let you decide for yourself if you think he was making a joke about slavery.

(warning: video is not censored)

You can see how uncomfortable Senator Sasse looks after Maher uses the n-word in front of him. And did you hear the audience laugh after Maher called himself a “house n—–?” Ironically, Bill Maher is a liberal himself, and I’m willing to bet money that the majority of his audience—that laughed at what he said—was liberal as well.

For some odd reason, after this incident people took to Twitter to attack Ben Sasse for not correcting Maher on his own show… yes, I am serious.

A wannabe reporter by the Twitter handle of @yashar said, “Bill Maher just said the n word, @BenSasse didn’t look horrified, and the audience applauded.”

Yes, Yashar is a liberal. And yes, Yashar tried to shift some of the blame away from the left and towards the right.

Sasse may not have told off Bill Maher on his own televisions show, but he appropriately handled the situation through a statement released on Twitter.

If you’re a liberal…

…please just accept that fact that Maher messed up and don’t try to blame conservatives for his mistake. You’ll only be making yourself look worse if you actually try this.

This event came just days after Kathy Griffin held up a fake version of Trump’s head, which was bloody and decapitated. She drew outrage from both the right and left. It also comes a week or two after Steven Colbert was criticized for making a homophobic joke.

What is up with celebrities on the left thinking they can say or do anything without any ramifications?

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