America’s Self-Inflicting Cycle of Polarized Identity Politics

Alt-Right rally in charlottesville
Alt-Right rally in Charlottesville, VA // Image from Getty Images

In Charlottesville, two disgusting ideologies clashed in the streets—two ideologies that are playing off of each other’s despicable actions in an eerie resemblance to 1930’s Weimar Germany. These brown and black shirts may have very different inherent ideologies, but their success relies on one single factor: identity politics.

On the Left, intersectionality reigns on most college campuses today and has nearly twisted an entire generation of young Americans. Even when mainstream conservatives attempt to debunk intersectionality, the “tolerant” Left stands idly by when violent leftists quash the debate. While ironically claiming themselves as “anti-fascists,” Antifa directly employs genuine fascist tactics.

The alt-right has almost masterfully expanded their base, fueled by the left’s attacks on mainstream conservatives, as well as their ability to contort their belief system: fooling followers into believing they are fighting for western civilization itself, rather than a white supremacist world view. Coupled with the left’s embrace of violence in defense of intersectionality and the right’s willingness to pander to the alt-right, these two distinct but equally despicable movements benefit.

Both the alt-right and Antifa are detrimental to the American political spectrum, and it’s time both sides universally condemn these terrible ideologies. As easy as this sounds, how is it that both extremist groups continue to gain momentum?
The alt-right is a disgusting mark on American politics, and though the alt-right stands for everything that true conservatives despise, the Charlottesville rally was called “Unite the Right.” It is then imperative that as conservatives, we distance ourselves from this awful ideology.

When characters like Milo Yiannopoulos defend the alt-right as not necessarily white supremacists, but defenders of western civilization or when President Trump is hesitant to distance his administration from the alt-right base, they are legitimizing them. Ben Shapiro explained this theory pretty well in an article on the Daily Wire.

Granting the alt-right legitimacy by wrongfully expanding its creed gives Antifa the claim that the alt-right includes a large portion of mainstream conservatives, and thus “justifies” their violence. In the eyes of the mainstream leftist, Antifa doesn’t seem as bad as compared to the illusion that the media has conflated: a “unified” right, conjoined with the alt-right. In contrast, actual alt-righters are emboldened by the violence perpetrated by Antifa, further propelling their claim as a peaceful, innocent movement, simply defending western civilization from Marxist thugs. The cycle continues, snowballing into a monstrosity; Antifa gets violent under the false perception they are fighting a large contingency, the alt-right strengthens, and the left receives further justification.

This hateful self-inflicting cycle of polarization poses a serious threat to the future of sustainable politics in the United States. The left and the right, must truthfully and immediately distance ourselves from both evil ideologies; our negligence to do so, only strengthens their resolve.

Thankfully, true conservatives have rightly condemned both the Marxist agitators and the alt-right, whereas the left is eager to paint the alt-right as large movement and is hesitant to condemn Antifa. Hopefully, Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi’s condemnation of Antifa will carry throughout the left. The Right and the Left must universally denounce the alt-right, as well as Antifa for what they are: un-American.

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