Americans Must Find Common Ground

A blue hand shaking hands with a red hand, representing bipartisanship and finding common ground.
A blue hand shaking hands with a red hand, representing bipartisanship.

One of the reasons I was drawn to this site was because of the name: “BiPolitics.” It symbolizes the core values of this website, those of a bipartisan spirit and, specifically, bipartisanship in politics.

The question is, what does being “bipartisan” really mean? Simply, it is finding common ground between two people or groups. Finding common ground—not just among two people or two groups but all people and all groups—is very important in our world today, especially so in the United States. In our country, at any given moment, I can guarantee that there are two or more people of different political views arguing, or in some cases, physically fighting, over some small issue. Our country is being torn apart by people who don’t care what the other side has to say, who aren’t even willing to have a respectful debate on certain topics.

This brings me to the point of this article, being that Americans need to be able to find common ground, or else we will continue in this dreadful downward spiral into chaos. With everyone so entrenched in their beliefs and opinions, nothing will ever be accomplished. I don’t know about you, but I do not want to live in a world like that.

This threat is very real, and I don’t care what you’re political beliefs are, but you must be willing to have respectful conversations and debates about them. Personally, I am a strong Libertarian Conservative, but I welcome talking about why I believe what I believe and listening to others explain why and what they believe. The solution to this problem is a simple one, yet many will find it hard: Talk freely about your beliefs and let others do the same. The common ground you find with other people may not even be political, it may be that you both can agree that robbery is bad. Okay, start from there. Build up, find out what exactly you and other people hold to be commonly true and just. No one is ever going to get exactly what they want, but through co-operation and bipartisanship, we can each get something accomplished that we want, even if it is an eighth of what we fully wanted. Every bipartisan law, decision, court ruling, etc., is a step forward for everyone.

This is something I strongly believe: If we cannot find common ground, America is doomed. If you want a brighter future, if you want progress to be made and things to happen, then you should want to find common ground. I invite all who read this article to join this movement, to spread the word, and to find common ground with everyone you meet. Naturally, there will be some who resist. There will be those who stay entrenched in their little bunkers, attacking anyone who they believe is wrong; but in the end, it is undeniably true that in order to move forward as a nation, in all aspects, we must find common ground.

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