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Politics. What do you think of when you hear the word? Polarization? Exclusion? Conflict? Now, more than ever, is a time where the arena of politics more so represents a battlefield of hate and empty rhetoric, than a medium through which rational and reasonable debate can be held.

Disagreement in political matters is a natural and healthy occurrence, in a society where citizens are encouraged to think for themselves, differing opinions and perspectives are a much-needed byproduct. However, autonomy in political thinking has devolved into spheres consisting of fundamentally opposing points of view, who seem more eager to strap up and go to battle, than to simply engage in a civil dialogue with one other. As a result, politics has become stunted, and progress has seemingly become its enemy.

Thus, we created BiPolitics, a platform through which political debate can be held amongst politically active students, and dialogue between a wide variety of perspectives and points of view can be ignited. With BiPolitics as our antibiotic, we aim to gradually heal the ailing political culture that has infected America.

As of now, our organization consists of over 50 contributors from nearly 20 states, currently enrolled in high school, undergraduate, and graduate school. With contributors from all over the country in different levels of education, our website inevitably represents such a diverse range of opinions and beliefs.

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Our Name and Logo

Because BiPolitics allows students of all political beliefs to contribute articles, our name and logo are representative of our philosophy. The prefix in our name, “bi,” meaning two, depicts both sides of the traditional, linear political spectrum that represent our website. Obviously, there are far more than just two separate political ideologies, but the political spectrum only contains two sides: left and right. But within those sides, every ideology can be found. Additionally, the name, “BiPolitics” is meant to sound like bipartisan, serving as an encouragement to our readers and contributors to make an effort to understand both sides of the political debate.

BiPolitics logo greenOur logo as a whole is shaped like a B, with the lighter shade of green being a P, representing our website’s initials: BP.

Inevitably, questions are going to be raised about every policy, every issue, and every opinion. Especially when you have two clashing sides of the political spectrum going up against each other. But through discourse and writing amongst contributors and readers, those questions are destined to be answered. This is precisely the reason it was necessary to include the question mark on the left side of the logo.


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