This Video About Abortion Procedures is Changing People’s Beliefs

Abortion written on a chalkboard
Chalkboard - Abortion

I have┬ánever supported abortions and always been pro-life. I hadn’t known much about actual abortion procedures before deciding what I believed in but just based my belief off of what I’d heard others say about the procedures. It wasn’t until several minutes ago that my pro-life beliefs were strongly reinforced after seeing a horrifying video about the actual abortion procedure.

It’s important to be knowledgeable about your beliefs.

Whether you’re liberal or conservative, you must watch this eye opening video. Yes, it was difficult for me to watch but I needed to see it if I was going to actually proclaim myself as pro-life. For four minutes and twelve seconds, put your opinions aside and just watch this video:

If you were pro-life before watching that video, your feelings are likely stronger. If you were pro-life before watching that video, did your beliefs change?

Many pro-lifers actually changed their stances on abortion after viewing that video, just like the people in this video:

I don’t care what your beliefs are, please support what you truly believe in. All I ask is that you understand the ramifications of what you are standing up for.

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  1. I find this article to be awfully skewed since it only discusses later term abortions, which are vastly different from regular abortions. What do you think about those? Are you informed about them?

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